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During prohibition, distillers of moonshine employed moonshine runners who quickly shipped the moonshine into town. Moonshine Runners modified their cars to make them fast enough to escape police. With cars that fast, outlaws began racing each other.

Eventually, the capital of moonshine production, Wilkes County, North Carolina, also became the birthplace of the first NASCAR track. The North Wilkesboro Speedway held its first NASCAR sanctioned race in 1949. The track was eventually closed and relocated to Texas.

Moonshine Runner
Published: Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Jerry Springer was once the mayor of Cincinnati. Springer's carelessness and honesty propelled his political career after being caught using a check to pay for adult services. His fame eventually led him to a television contract where he hosted the Jerry Springer Show.

Springer later discussed running for other government positions but then changed his mind after considering what the Jerry Springer Show has done for his reputation.

Published: Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Lollapalooza means "a person or thing that is particularly impressive or attractive" or more well known as "an annual music festival featuring alternative rock, hip-hop, and punk rock bands, dance and comedy performances, and craft booths". Way before the popular festival that started in the '90s, US soldiers used the word to filter radio transmissions during World War 2.

Japanese spies attempted to intercept radio transmissions and confuse the Ally troops. Americans began adding "lollapalooza" to their transmissions. US soldiers distinguished Japanese spies from the friendly Filipinos by listening to their enunciation of the word "lollapalooza". Japanese Spies who said "rorraparooza" were easily spotted.

Accidental Misspelling - 'Prease'
Published: Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Florida's nickname is the "Sunshine State" but Florida gets more tornadoes, thunderstorms, and lightning strikes per square mile than any other state. However, Florida's twisters are rarely as powerful as the tornadoes reported recently. The weather in Florida is usually warm yet powerful tornadoes are generated by a clash of both warm and cool air currents. In Florida, tornadoes tend to be weak with wind at just about 100 mph or less and last for just a few minutes. The tornadoes are usually generated within 30 miles of the coast and are sometimes spawned during hurricanes.

Florida is also the second-warmest state in the country and is also the most frequently hit state by hurricanes. Over the last 50 years, Florida has been hit by more than 100 huricanes, with about 30 of them being major (greater than Category 3). It is rare for a hurricane season to pass without a hurricane reaching Florida's coastlines.

Dorothy and Toto would have gained some serious frequent-flyer miles in Florida.

Miami, Florida - Tornado
Published: Thursday, May 19th, 2011